Grammar Correction Software – Best Program For Less

Grammar checker software

A problem that most people have when they are writing any type of paper is that they will end up making grammatical errors. They may also make spelling errors if they are typing everything out themselves, which is why most people use speech to text software programs. However, if you prefer typing, which most people do, you might want to consider doing something that is a little different than relying upon your word processor to help you make sure that grammatical and spelling mistakes are not made. You can choose programs that you can purchase, or even used for free, that are available on the web. Let’s look at some of the best grammar checker software that is available, leading you to the one that does the most for the least amount of money.

What Is Grammar Correction Software?

This is software that does exactly as the name states, checks your papers for grammatical errors. They have the added benefit of checking for mistakes made with your spelling, something that most word processors tend to do as well. There are quite a few that you can simply paste in your information on the web on their website, and click the button for it to do the work for you. The ones that are free usually limit the amount of information that you can check to about a paragraph or maybe to. The ones that have the highest ratings include Grammarly, Ginger and After The Deadline, all of which come highly recommended by different people. The reasons that they are recommended have to do with different aspects which include functionality, usability and price.


Grammarly is a favorite with most people because they can use it online or download it to their computer. It is very inexpensive, costing less than $100 a year for an annual subscription, and is very flexible and innovative. The main benefits is how easy the interface is to use so that you can quickly find and correct misspellings. The same is true for grammatical errors, with a clever pop up that allows you to choose what should be there instead.


Ginger is also a very good program, one that can be used online or downloaded to your computer. People prefer the functionality of this because it works on any PC with Microsoft office programs and with Internet browsers. It is also more cost-effective than Grammarly if you are willing to spend about $200 for a one-off fee. That means you will have access to this program without any type of fee from that point on which makes this very attractive.

After The Deadline

This has different functionality than the previous two programs. It works as a plug-in for WordPress, can be used on Firefox and Chrome, and also with open office. It does not work with Microsoft office, and the main problem is that the proofreading that it does is not that great. The best benefit of this program is that it can be downloaded for free personal use which makes it more affordable than the others. The drawback is that it is not as accurate, which is the whole point, when you are using a program to find grammar and spelling errors.


Choosing The Right One

The best one to choose, if you have the money to do so, is Ginger because of the one time fee. If you would prefer paying half of that annually, then Grammarly is the best choice. Both of those programs have exceptional grammar and spelling checkers, especially in comparison to After The Deadline. Therefore, for those that can spend $200 one time, Ginger is the best one for all of your grammar and spelling correction needs.


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