You Can Write An Essay Without It Taking All Day?

Do you have an essay that you need to write and you’re running out of time?

We asked entrepreneur Motti Eisenbach, for his opinion.

Here’s what he had to say.

Many people struggle writing a good piece, despite the fact that most of the time, they already have the idea, yet they can’t put it into words. I used to stare at my blank screen just wishing that the words would come out – but because I have a lot of ideas in mind, I don’t know where to begin!

Writing help

There are some people, on the other hand, that just don’t know what to write and how to even get their essay started. Regardless if it’s for your personal blog, assignment, project or for whatever purpose it may serve, writing an essay doesn’t have to be that difficult, not to mention time-consuming.   You just need to know how to structure these ideas into paragraphs. Here are some ways to help you write your research paper easily and quickly.


Gather those ideas.   Research and look for as many sources as you can. Don’t worry about which ones should be included in your essay. Just do your research, find snippets or paragraphs that you think can help you with your research and look for specific points.   Once you’re done with your research, choose which points you’d like to expand and include in your essay. Trash those ones that you don’t find helpful and continue eliminating until you have 5 – 10 pointers.   Note: These points may vary, depending on the length of your essay. Just make sure that you gather as many resources as you can so choose which ones to include will be easier.

Outline Those Ideas

  As soon as you have those points, start by outlining those points. These will be your subtopics. Writing down these points will also make it easier for you to remember important things that you wanted to include in your essay.

Remember, not to plagiarize. You can rewrite ideas from your resources and references, just make sure that you cite them properly at the end of your paper.   Expound those ideas and start talking specifically about these subtopics. This way, you won’t have to deal with flight of ideas. Just stick with the points / subtopics. Once you’re done, you can then turn them into more paragraphs. You’ll find out that connecting your outlines and converting them into paragraphs is a lot easier now that everything is organized.   If you get stuck in a topic, just skip and go back to it once you’re done with the rest of your outline.

Write Your Introduction And Conclusion

  Some people write the introduction first, but I prefer doing it the other way around. Once I’m done with my essay’s main body, I start writing an introduction and conclusion, since it’s easier to do so, considering I already have my body as my basis.

Alternatively, you can take the shortcut…

Painted in Waterlogue

If you’re running out of time, or really not in the mood for writing, you look for someone who can do this on your behalf. Just make sure that you’ll entrust this to someone with a good reputation in the field, and, of course, a service that has the experience to do it.


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