Manual Proofreading Vs Ginger Grammar Checker Review

Finding the Best Grammar and Spell Checker Tools

As an article writer, I’ve used various grammar checkers to ensure that my articles are written with little to no grammar errors. Although I proofread all of my works before I submit them, grammar checkers have saved me from thousands of typographical errors and grammar mistakes that I’ve made.

Even my daughter who’s in her early teens is using grammar checkers to help her proofread her assignments and help her learn english grammar step by step. I’ve relied heavily on these types of software. I even consult my grammar checking software when I write e-mails and send chats to my colleagues.

I found a great article on a site called that really drove me into trying Ginger specifically.

Ginger free tool

Ginger Grammar Check Tool

After trying loads of grammar checking software, my kids and I have agreed that Ginger grammar checker is one of the most accurate grammar and spell checkers.  We’re now using it solely, and we’re very satisfied with the results it’s providing.

Like the other software that we’ve tried, Ginger is somewhat a do-it-all type of grammar and spellchecker. What separates it from the other software is that it works with almost all the popular applications on our computer – MS Word, MS Outlook, Powerpoint and even on browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Using it is fairly easy as well. Whenever you’re working on something and you have Ginger running, you just have to hit the F2 button on your keyboard and it would start checking for errors as long as the application you’re using is compatible with Ginger. If your keyboard doesn’t have an F2 key, you can alternatively click on the control bar that appears whenever you’re using a Ginger-compatible application.

What we’re using is the premium version of Ginger which features a text-to-speech function that my wife truly enjoys. It allows her to listen to her typed texts that are read by a crisp and decent digital voice. It also boasts a ‘Learning’ feature that my kids use which acts as their virtual tutor. The ‘Learning’ feature helps them determine the grammatical gaffes, and it provides tips on how to fix them.

Ginger the write solution

If you’re looking for a grammar and spell checking software, I highly recommend giving Ginger a try. You’d be amazed on how a software understands and corrects grammatical errors that are sometimes hard to pinpoint when proofreading manually.


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