Thanks for finding us, welcome to Grammartalk, a blog all about grammar and education in general. In our view, today, grammar in the educational system is truly lacking. Schools waste hundreds of hours teaching children how to write in cursive, rather than spending it on twenty first century educational needs. Cursive must take a back seat to things like grammar or typing which matter much more in todays times.

Fancy cursive

Due to modern inventions, even things like spelling (Not vocabulary, there is a difference) should be put on the back burner in order to give things like grammar more of a focus. Misspells can easily be fixed by any of our modern devices, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or computer. At the current rate of technology, even things like our watches will be able to spell better than we can. While there is some grammar software out there nothing can truly compete with a proper education in the subject. On the other hand, even the best person at spelling in the world, can’t compete with autocorrect. In some states, ahead of there time, they are allowing schools to skip teaching cursive. While this may not yet be common practice, it is good to see that some regions in the U.S are taking notice.

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